Bottom: Episode 13 - Season 3. Hole. - Script
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Scene One - In a seat on the top of a Ferris wheel.

[The shot opens on a double seat suspended in the top of a Ferris wheel,
slowly creaking back and forth. Carnival music can be heard in the background
as Richie and Eddie peer over the sides of the car down at the fairground below.]

Richie: Right, now this is definitely the last ride of the evening, Eddie.
We've had more than enough fun for one night; working our way through
all the stalls and attractions... Besides which, I think I'm about up
to my three quid limit. How much did this ride cost, by the way?

Eddie: Three quid.

Richie: Well, there you are you see, I was right.

Eddie: I'd just like another go on that 'throwing the darts at
the cards' thingie.

Richie: Yes, Yes, well that stall's closed now isn't it...

[Eddie looks puzzled] Because the proprietor's in the eye hospital.

Eddie: Ohh, yes. And the waltz is closed as well, hasn't it.

Richie: Yes.

Eddie: I had no idea I'd eaten so much; it went everywhere, didn't it.

Richie: Yes, yes. You looked like a sprinkler as you went 'round.
It was really actually very attractive.

Eddie: Yeah.

Richie: Yeah. I was awfully lucky to have that pensioner to stand
behind. She was furious! You whizzed 'round three times
and she looked like the creature from the swamp!

Eddie: I'm not sure all that was mine, you know. I don't
remember eating all those horrible lumps of gristle.

Richie: No, no, no, that was her face, Eddie.

Eddie: Oh. Well at least I feel better now, that's the main thing.

Richie: Yes, that's the main thing.

Eddie: Which is surprising, really, considering the ghost
train 'unpleasantness'.

Richie: Ooh, yeah that was nasty wasn't it. Yeah. Wasn't coming out of your
mouth that time, was it?

Eddie: Well they shouldn't make 'em so scary, should they?

Richie: Well it's a lot more scary now, I can tell you! You have to put on a
gas mask to get in there now!

Eddie: I was lucky the bloke standing next to me passed out; other wise I'd
never have got his trousers.

Richie: How do they fit, by the way?

Eddie: Hmm, Not bad, not bad. [Eddie stands up, revealing he is wearing a
pleated skirt.]

Richie: You know, I'm not sure he was a bone-fide bloke, you know. Got a sort
of 'skirty' feeling to them, these trousers, haven't they.

Eddie: I think he may have been Scottish.

Richie: Oh, oh, oh, well that's all right then.

Eddie: Yes, Ockaye-Whoops-a-dasey.

Richie: Yes, the Scottish are allowed to be transvestites.

Eddie: That's right.

[The car begins to creak and rock slightly]

Richie: Ooh, a'up, we're moving. Hold on tight and for god's sake don't foul
yourself again. Here we go, start screaming.

[Richie and Eddie wave their hands in the air and scream as the wheel turns
slightly moving the car forward about three feet.]

Richie: What, is that it? Well that's ridiculous! It's just a complete rip off!
I paid three quid for that ride! It's bad enough two juveniles like us
having to pay full price.

Eddie: [Looking over the sides] Oh, calm down, Richie. They're just letting
some more people on.

Richie: What! Are they? Oh, oh, oh, yes, yes, yes. I, Good. I knew that.
Oooh, hey, Eddie, maybe it's those birds that've been following us
around all night.

Eddie: [Excitedly looking over the side] What birds?!

Richie: No, no, no, no, no don't look! It'll show them that we fancy them,
and that we're keen.

Eddie: Yeah, but we are!

Richie: Yes, I know that, but we don't want them to know.

Eddie: [Confused] Why not?

Richie: [Gasps] Because then they'll know that we fancy them, then we'll get
off with them, then we'll go back to their places and do it on them.

Eddie: [Nodding] Yeah.

Richie: [Confused pause then realization dawns] Oh yeah! Oh yeah! I can see
your point! [Inadvertently points to Eddie's crotch]

Eddie: Well it's this new skirt, it rucks up very easily!

Richie: Come on, Eddie! This is it!

Eddie: Yeah.

Richie: Let's wave at them and wink at them and stuff and let them know we're

Eddie: Right-o.

Richie: Oh, Eddie,

Eddie: Yeah?

Richie: How do I look?

Eddie: You use your eye balls, don't you?

Richie: Eye balls! Eye balls! Ok, right. All set?

Eddie: Yeah. [Nods expectantly]

Richie: Sexy Faces on!

[They pull their ogling faces]

Let's Ogle them! [They do so]

Eddie: Hey! Hang on, Richie. Richie, how do we know which one's

Richie: Oh, ah, well mine's a cracker.

Eddie: What's mine like?

Richie: Not bad, not bad. Not as many legs as the other one.
It's a Shame about the beard. Apart from that; Smashing!

Eddie: Are you sure she's not a bloke?

Richie: What do you mean a bloke! I know a bird when I see one!

Eddie: Was she smoking a pipe?

Richie: Yeah.

Eddie: And is she called Keith?

Richie: [Thinks] Yeah.

Eddie: You fool! That's Keith and Deirdre!

Richie: Yeah! Keith's your bird and Deirdre's mine! Mine's the one with the
little blue mini-skirt and the tattoos of little and large on her

Eddie: No, it's Keith and Deirdre from the Lamb and Flag mixed doubles nudie
tag mud-wrestling team!

Richie: Oh Yeah?!

Eddie: Yeah!

Richie: Well why was she giving me the eye all night, hey?
Not the glass one, the other one?!
And how come the bird with the beard kept pointing at you?

Eddie: BECAUSE HE'S KEITH! One Legged Mad-Dog Keith McFrenzy! And I owe him
fifty quid. He's been chasing me for Seventeen years! Why do you think
I always get mumps during mud-wrestling week?

Richie: Look! [Stands] They don't call me the Hammersmith Crumpet Radar for
nothing! I tell you, one look at me and she was SCREAMING for my


Richie: Yes.Yes... Yes... Yes... Yes, well she obviously just sensed my
Musky sort of smell.

Eddie: Yes, we've all 'been sensing your sort of musky smell' for nigh on
forty years! When will you buy another shirt?!

Richie: This is an original VanderHeussen!

Eddie: Yeah, it's THE original Veandy Hosen! Hasn't had a wash since 1963!

Richie: Well if you had the common decency, to go out and get yourself a
proper job and not hang around the flat all day like a vast slug,
then perhaps I would have the opportunity to take my top off and wash
it without the risk of you seeing my nipples!

[Long pause with both in a silent huff]

Richie: [Annoyed] Oh, why isn't this ruddy ride working?! We've been on it
for at least ruddy three minutes.

Eddie: Well look, it is the tallest Ferris Wheel in Western Europe, Richie.
It takes a while to get everyone on board.

[Just then the coloured lights on the struts facing the camera
blink off]

Eddie: Hey, the lights have gone out.

Richie: That's weird, isn't it?Heey! Maybe it's a love Ferris wheel!

[Looks over side] Hey! They're not letting anyone else on, Eddie.

In fact... Eddie, we're the only ones on the whole ride...

In fact, it looks like they're closing up for the night!

[The carnival music stops]

Eddie: I was enjoying that. Reminded me of my Dad's funeral.

Richie: [To someone below, waving] I say! I Say!
[To Eddie] Oh, thank God, they've seen us. They're waving
[laugh] They're not using all their fingers...

[lowers his fingers one by one until just the index is extended,
begins waving it back at them. Eddie gives a 2 fingered salute]

Yes! Yes! Hello! I say, what time does the ride start?
Aha, Yah, er, ah, yeh, yar, yah...

[to Eddie] I can't understand a word he's saying... Aha, Hmm.

Eddie: I don't think he's actually saying anything, I think he's just sort
of swearing indiscriminately and running off towards the gate.

Richie: What! That's outrageous! [To person] I say! Uh, uh...

[To Eddie] What is it you should in the slums...
uh, 'Uggie Uggie Uggie!'

Eddie: Op, Yes, you've got his attention now.

Richie: Now look here! I used to live in Bromley.

Eddie: Hey, he's picking something up.

Richie: Yep, and that's a pretty wild place.

Eddie: Yep, they've all got something now.

Richie: And I picked up one or two tips on punch ups while I was down there.

Eddie: DUCK!

Richie: Where?

[Richie gets hit with a projectile from below, knocking him down.]

Eddie: [To people below] Hey! Good shot, Mister! Give yourself a goldfish!Lookout! Here come some more!

Richie: What?

[Richie and Eddie take cover in the car as a barrage of bricks, bottles and other
junk comes hurtling at them from below.]

Richie: [After the barrage stops]I don't understand!
What did we do? What did we do!?

Eddie: Well it's your fault for touching up the burly Ferris wheel attendant.

Richie: I thought she was a girl.

Eddie: They were PECTORALS you fool!

Richie: She had an earring.

Eddie: Yeah, through HER foreskin.

Richie: Yes, which I found out later much to my distress!
Anyway, I don't care what you say... She still had one hell of a
cleavage [breaths sharply] It was like strolling through the Alps.

Eddie: I think it's all over now... They're all sort of, going away.
In fact, everyone's going away. I think the whole fair is closing

Richie: What a complete BASTARDS! They can't treat me like this! My mother
used to make Sandwiches for the Hammersmith Conservative Association!

Eddie: Yeah, but no one ever used to eat them, did they?

Richie: They did! They did! What about that bloke who got the convulsions and
the permanent brain damage?

Eddie: Well, he's the president of the board of trade now, isn't he?

Richie: Absolutely! They can't treat us like this!
Now look here you roustabouts! I've got a photographic memory!
And I'm going to memorize all of you.

[Makes stupid concentrating face at several people below, one of
whom does something unpleasant...]

And I'll certainly remember that!

Right! Eddie, write down the details for the police inquiry;
they're not going to get away with this!

[Eddie opens a newspaper and starts reading]

Edward Elizabeth Hitler, and myself were sitting down, peacefully,
in a northerly direction at precisely... Eh... [
Searches his wrists for a watch] Knackers, what's the time, Eddie?

Eddie: Erm, it's erm... [takes out a pocket watch from under his coat and
looks at it.]

Richie: Hang on! That's my watch!

Eddie: [Realizing he's been found out, tries to cover]
Eh, eh yes. I just thought I'd bring it along for you.

Richie: My special gold watch? The family heirloom? The one that Grandpa
Willis found on that body in the Somme?

Eddie: Yes, I just thought you might need to... You know, know the time.

Richie: Thanks, Eddie! [Takes the watch from Eddie]

Uh, Right! At precisely three-thirty... eh? That can't be right can it?

[Throws the watch up in the air and catches it to test it's weight]

It's awfully light, Eddie.

Eddie: Yeah, well I took the innards out.

[Slips up again and again tries to cover]

Err... Because it was ever so heavy, wasn't it...
It was making a little dint in your waist-coat pocket wasn't it.
I got rid of them at that antique clocky sort of place have you
seen my new motorbike?

Richie: No, hang on Eddie, shut up about motorbikes. I think you might have
bished here... I mean, if it hasn't got any innards...
How are we going to what the time is?

Eddie: Well, it's obviously midnight, isn't it?

Richie: Well how do you work that out?

Eddie: Because the fair closes at midnight and the fair's closed!

Richie: Oh right, the fair's closed. Ugh! [Panics] The fair's closed!
The fair's closed! Eddie! Eddie! The fair's closed and we're stuck
350 feet up in the air on a Ferris wheel!

Eddie: Yes, it's a living nightmare. [lifts a pint up into view from behind
the newspaper and takes a drink.]

Richie: Don't panic, don't panic... [nervous laugh]
Don't panic Mr. Manwearing [again]

Right, eh, come on Richie, uh...
Eddie, take all your clothes off and knot them together.

Eddie: Knot what together?

Richie: Oh, no! I've got it. [Boasting] Right, ha... This is where the old
commando training comes in handy, yeah... I wish I'd had some.
Right. I'm going to go off and get help, will you be all right on
your own?

Eddie: Oh yes, [referring to his newspaper] there's a full page advert for
Odbins here, it's got pictures and everything; I should be all right
for an hour or two.

Richie: Off I go. [makes nervous noises]

[Begins climbing up the frame of the Ferris wheel, then thinks for a
moment and climbs back down into the car.]


Eddie: That was quick! What did the rescue people say?

Richie: No, no, no I haven't quite done that bit yet.

Eddie: Oh.

Richie: Eddie,

Eddie: Hmm?

Richie: If I fall, plunge three hundred and fifty feet and splatter on the
ground,will you... You know...

Eddie: What, laugh?

Richie: No, no, no, no.

Eddie: Point and laugh?

Richie: No, no. Eddie, will you scatter my ashes over Queens Park Rangers
football ground?

Eddie: NO!

Richie: [Relieved] Thanks!

Right! Thanks, mate!

[Begins climbing up the struts and braces]

See ya later!

[Shot returns to Eddie reading a newspaper add]

Eddie: Look at that! Gordon's gin one litre! [Laughs]
Hello Baby!

[Shot goes back to Richie, who is hanging by his hands from the part
of the rim of the wheel to the right and above of their car. As he
moves along, hand over hand, blue bolts of electricity and sparks fly
all over him from the string of lights on the rim.]

Richie: Right!

[He turns around and heads back to the car, more sparks and electric
bolts... A globe falls and breaks on his head before he collapses back
into his seat in the car]

Your turn!

Eddie: What do you mean 'my turn'?

Richie: It needs someone less sensitive than me.

Eddie: Bollocks, mate. I'm not going up there.

Richie: [Tries to figure out a way of making Eddie go,
spies his empty glass]

Oh, look Eddie! Your pint's empty.

Eddie: I better just better nip to the bar before they close. [stands] Um,
can I get you anything?

Richie: Oh, that's kind! I'll just have a babysham.

Eddie: Right! Got any money?

Richie: What! Fagin!

Eddie: Ha ha ha haa...

Richie: [looking through his change purse] Oh, let's see...
[takes out some coins and hands them to Eddie.

Eddie: Right, back in a jiffy.

[Eddie nimbly climbs up the rigging and struts.]

Richie: 'Back in a jiffy?' DON'T BE SO FOUL!

[Shot changes to the top of the rim of the wheel. Eddie runs along
the top, to more sparks and flashes of electricity. Richie shields
his face from the bright flashes as Eddie runs back along the rim
then drops back into the car, panting.]

Eddie: I wonder if they do a delivery service?

Richie: Oh god, We're trapped, aren't we! We're bloody trapped!
Oh god, oh god. This is just like the Poseidon Adventure!

Eddie: Hey! Why don't we just jump and use your veluminous trousers as a

Richie: No, no, no good, Eddie. I've got my PE knickers on.

Eddie: Still! It's twenty five years since you left school!

Richie: SShhhh! Shhh! My sister lives 'round here, she might hear.

Eddie: What's she like?

Richie: My sister? She's just like me, only with smaller jugs.

Eddie: Oh.

Richie: No, come on, Eddie! We're going to have to think of something else.

Eddie: Right you are.

Richie: Uh... Uh... [Leaping to his feet shouting]
Oh god! I can't take anymore of this!
I'm going crazy I tell you! CRAZY!
I've gotta get out of here! I've gotta get out of here!

Eddie: [leaping to his feet, slapping Richie across the face on every word]

Oh, just Calm down! Clam down! Calm down!!!

[Richie falls back into his seat and Eddie sits down.]

Richie: Thanks, Eddie. I'm sorry about that.

Eddie: It's all right.

Richie: I don't know what came over me. [get his breath back]
Thanks. I feel better now.

Eddie: Hey, Rich!

Richie: Yeah?

[Eddie slaps him HARD across the face]

Richie: What was that for?

Eddie: I was just making sure.

Richie: [Solemn, puts his hand on Eddie's shoulder] Thanks, mate.

[Richie stands, leaning against one of the struts, looking sadly out
into the night.]

You know, if we ever get through to the other side of this one,
I think I'm going to change the way I live. I'm going to get back
to Blighty. Find myself a piece of land. Find myself a beautiful
woman, heck! Maybe even raise some kids.

Eddie: Ahhhh, quit dreaming. We're not gonna pull through to the other end
of this one, Skip.

Richie: [With passion] You've got to dream, Eddie!
You've got to hold on to the dream.

Eddie: Can I ask you a question?

Richie: Shoot from the hip, Eddie. That's always been your style.
What's your question?

Eddie: Well, I guess it's kind of out of left field, but my question is this:

Richie: [Sigh] Yeah?

Eddie: Why are talking such complete and utter BOLLOCKS?!

Richie: [un changed] I don't know, Eddie, I guess..

Eddie: Oh, shut up! Shut up!

Richie: Yeah... Yeah, well, I guess we're all shut up in our own way.

Eddie: [over the end of Richie's sentence, shouting and stamping as he jumps
up from his seat] Oh SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UPPP!!

Richie: You know...

Eddie: All right that's it!

[Eddie kicks Rich in the knackers and punches him in the face.
Rich falls back into his seat while Eddie climbs up onto the side of
the car and starts kicking Richie in the face, finally giving him a
BOOT across the jaw.]

GOD I hate that Bollocks! [Richie slowly sits up]

Richie: Yeah, me too. Sorry about the bollocks, Eddie.
[Unscrunches his eye]

[An Owl hoots as Eddie opens his newspaper again and Rich looks
out into the night.He sighs, again, and again louder.]

Richie: God, I'm bored. How long have we been here now?

Eddie: About seven minutes.

Richie: God! It feels like... Eight and a half Minutes.

Eddie: [Exited] Hey! Richie! Look at this! [re the newspaper]

[Richie sits next to Eddie]

Remember that Stork margarine competition we entered!

Richie: Yeah!

Eddie: ... We didn't win it!

Richie: What! Well who did?

Eddie: Slip Digby.

Richie: Slip Digby? The organist?

Eddie: Well, that's not what they called him in court.

Richie: Well what was the winning caption?

Eddie: I like Stork Margarine because: "I've only got one leg."

[Both nod]

Richie: Not bad.

Eddie: Clever bastard!

Richie: Yeah.

Eddie: Why didn't we think of that one!

Richie: Well, I told you we weren't going to get far with
I like Stork margarine because: "I've enclosed a fiver, Mum's the word"

Eddie: Yeah, well we never posted it, did we?

Richie: There wasn't a lot of point! You took the fiver out, didn't you!

Eddie: Hey! Look! Rich! There's an article about the Ferris wheel in this week's Bugle!

Richie: [Makes exited noise and nods at various points while Eddie recites the newspaper

Eddie: "Not only is it the tallest it's also oldest Ferris wheel in Western
Europe." Look! It's all here in this article entitled: "Illegal
death trap wheel to close tonight!" Whole area declared danger zone
and boarded up to await detonation! It's all wired up and ready to go!

Richie: What?

Eddie: And it's too expensive to dismantle, so they're just going to
blow it up!

Richie: When?!

Eddie: First thing tomorrow morning!

[Richie and Eddie both become very frightened]

Richie: Sort of, Sort of spare underpants time, really isn't it.
[Stands, shouts] Help! HELP!!

Eddie: Look, there's nothing for it. We're just going to have to wait
'till an aeroplane comes, right, and try and attract it's attention.

Richie: Yes!

Eddie: OK!

Richie: Yes!

Eddie: Uh! Here comes one...

[A noise is heard as of a distant aeroplane, which quickly develops
into a loud fart noise.]

[Richie and Eddie both pull disgusted faces and wave their hands in front around,
trying to clear the smell.]

Eddie: Sorry about that one.

Richie: So you had the Egg!

Eddie: [Nods] Yeahh...

Richie: Oh! Look, Eddie! [Points to the sky]
Here comes a helicopter! Hello! Hello! [Waves]
Is that a police chopper?

Eddie: No, I just think one of thems just left his truncheon sticking out
the door. Yeah, look, it's got a side handle.

Richie: Hello! I say! I say! Help...They can't see us...
[defeated] they've gone... If only we had something to illuminate us!
If only we had some flares!

Eddie: This is no time to make a fashion statement! We're going
to be blown up at dawn!

Richie: No, no I mean distress flares!

Eddie: What, like the ones Suzie Quatro used to wear?


Eddie: Right, right.

Richie: Right, ok have you got any alcohol on you?

Eddie: Hey! That's a good idea, lets drink ourselves to death then we won't
notice! [Takes a bottle out and starts drinking]

Richie: Give that to me! Givvit to me Givvit to me!
[Snatches the bottle from Eddie]

Right, [takes a sniff of the bottle and recoils]

What's in this?

Eddie: Brandy!

Richie: Good.

Eddie: Meths, Pernod, paint stripper, Mister Sheen, break fluid...
and Drambuie.

Richie: Drambuie! [Makes nancy boy noise and limp wrists]

Eddie: Yeah, yeah, yeah, all right, you've gotta put something in for the
birds, haven't you.

Richie: [Takes another sniff of the bottle]Oh, Gees...

How are you alive?

Eddie: [Tapping the side of his nose]

I may very well not be...

Richie: [looks confused for a moment than snaps out of it]

Well anyway, this is gonna bloody work. Look, right, we stuff this
in there...

[puts a wad of paper in the neck of the bottle]

Eddie: Yes.

Richie: Right? We wait for the next chopper to come along, set fire to it,
right? Bung it right up in the air where it bursts and illuminates us!

Eddie: Um, may I voice just a small note of caution?

[Sound of a helicopter approaching]

Richie: No time, Eddie! Here comes a chopper now!

[He takes out a lighter, sets fire to the paper...]

Here goes!

[...and throws it straight up in the air. Both watch it up in the sky.]

Wait for it to burst... Wait for it to burst... Wait for... Look out!

[They both jump up onto the back edge of the seats as the bottle
falls down into the bottom of the car. The bottle breaks, starting
a huge fire.]

Eddie: I thought you said it was going to illuminate us, looks more like it's
going to incinerate us!

Richie: Yes, well you can't get much more illuminated than being on fire,
can you!Come on, wave your arms, shout help.

[Both waving, Eddie half-heartedly]

Eddie: Is this: 'Help! Help! I'm stuck on top of a Ferris wheel'
or 'Help! Help! I'm burning to death!' ?

Richie: Oh, will you stop your winging! At least we're warm now...
Well, Hot now... Well, being roasted alive now! Bloody hell, Eddie!
Put it out with your coat!

Eddie: I can't do that! It's got fifty quid's worth of miniatures sewn into
the lining! The whole place'd go up!

Richie: Emergency Bitter!

Eddie: [Grief stricken] NO!!!

Richie: Yes!

Eddie: No![Takes out another pint from under his coat]

Bye bye, baby.

[He pours it over the fire, which goes out.]

I will NEVER EVER EVER forget you for this!

Richie: Thanks, Eddie.

Eddie: What for?

Richie: Hey, we get ourselves out of some scrapes, don't we!

[He steps off the seat and gives the floor of the car a few stamps.
The floor, weakened by the fire gives way and Richie falls through,
he manages to grab onto part of the side of the car and stop himself
plunging 350 feet and being splattered on the ground]

Help! HELP! Eddie! Get me out! Eddie help!

[Eddie grabs Rich by the hair and lifts him back up through the hole
onto the seat.]

[Panting] Thanks, Eddie!

Oh gosh we get ourselves out of some scrapes, don't we. If I hadn't
been so *crazily heroic* in stamping out the inferno, that never
would have happened!

Eddie: Bollocks! You're just overweight!

Richie: [Stands]

Don't you DARE call me overweight, young man!

[He sits down HARD on the right hand seat. The two suspension arms
on that side snap, causing the car to swing down and rock violently,
suspended vertically by the braces on the left hand end. Somehow,
both Richie and Eddie manage to hang on. They both are scream.]

Oh, Blimey!

Eddie: My stars!

Richie: Splice my sausages!

Eddie: Cwor Lummy!

Richie: Christmas Pudding.

[Both Richie and Eddie have maneuvered around in the car and are now
standing next to each other on the side of the seat (now the bottom
of the car)]

Eddie: Blood and stomach pills.

Richie: Hey, Eddie.

Eddie: What?

Richie: We know how to swear, us two don't we.

Eddie: [Laughs]

You {bleeeep} well hit the {bleep} right on the nail there,
you {bleep} and bastard.

Richie: Yeah! Oh, god that was frightening. My whole life flashed before
me... It was sort of one long relentless collage of grey,
indespursed with visits to the 'lav.

Hey, Eddie,

Eddie: What?

Richie: If we killed ourselves, we could cheat fate!

Eddie: Yeah, I don't think we actually want to piss fate off at the moment.

Richie: Hmm.

[One of the two suspension arms now holding the car up snap, leaving
it hanging on an angle. Richie and Eddie hold on for dear life.
Eddie laughs in fright.]

Richie: Well, this is it then, Eddie.

Eddie: Yes, I, I suppose so. Any last regrets?

Richie: Only that I didn't have a Lavvy before we got on the ride. How 'bout

Eddie: No, I had one just after we got on. I think that's what caused the
electric's to go, you know.

Richie: Oh, this is it.

Eddie: Yessss.

Richie: I wish, I just wish, I just wish my life had just, just, just been
completely different!Still, I did my bit for the country.

Eddie: What? You stayed in the town?

Richie: Absolutely.

Eddie: You know... I think I might come back as a Bra.

Richie: What?!

Eddie: Well all us Buddhists believe in reincarnation, you see.

Richie: When did you become a Buddhist?

Eddie: About five seconds ago. And may I say it has completely changed my life.

Richie: But Eddie, you can't come back as a bra, that's just stupid. You've
got to come back as something organic!

Eddie: All right, all right I'm only a beginner, you know!
Oh, all right then, I'll come back as... Oh! Claudia Schiffer!
She's seriously organic! Yes, and then when it rained, I could run
outside in a thin white cotton dress and get completely soaked, and
then I'd run back in doors and I'd look at myself and I'd say 'Oooh
look!' you're all wet! You'd better strip off slowly in front of a

Richie: But you'd be a bird!

Eddie: Yeah! [taps nose] But she wouldn't know that!

Richie: Wait, wait, wait, wait. Let me get this straight. You have taken the
ancient wisdom of Buddhism and perverted it into a dastardly scheme
whereby you take over the brain of a super model just so as you can
get a quick ogle at her norks!

Eddie: Yep! That's about the size of it!

Richie: It's a bloody good plan, isn't it!
Yeah, hey, it's got a lot going for it, this Buddhism thing!

I think I'll come back as Danii Minogue. Yeah! Yeah, and I'll get
myself a job as a topless go-go dancer in a bar FULL of mirrors!

Eddie: Yeah! And after that I'm going to come back as a giraffe!

Richie: YEAH!!! [Thinks] A giraffe?!

Eddie: Yeah! Well then I'd have my head up above the trees, wouldn't I!
And I'll be able to keep a really good look out for any super models
taking topless helicopter lessons!

Richie: Yeah! ALL RIGHT! [Yelling down] Hey, have you got any Buddhist vicars
down there? Got any papers so we can sign up?

[Another brace breaks somewhere in the structure of the Ferris wheel,
causing the car to jolt back and forth.]

Eddie: Things are looking bleak.

Richie: Well spotted, Eddie. Right, that's it. Time's up. I think we better
start praying.

Eddie: Who to? Buddha?

Richie: Nah, nah, nah, none of that old super model cobblers; the real thing.
Good old C of E.

[They both try and put their hands together to pray, but cannot do so
without letting go of the car...]

Eddie! Eddie!

[...Richie finds a solution, Richie's right hand and Eddie's left
together while their other hands hang onto the side of the car.]

Richie: Oh lord,

Eddie: Oh Lordy,

Richie: Oh Lordy, Lordy,

Eddie: Laux a Lordy,

Richie: Oh Lordy, Lordy way down on that old Swannie Ribba,
[Waves ala the Black and White minstrel show]

Eddie: Hear our Prayer


[Suddenly heavenly music begins playing and the gigantic white
outstretched hand of god glides up to the car. Both Richie then
Eddie climb on board in awe.]

Richie: It's a miracle! It's a miracle! [Smiles and waves at god]

Eddie: Nice one.

[Suddenly the last brace holding the car snaps and it falls from the
Ferris wheel down to the ground]

Eddie: Very nice one. Nice beard, too.
Oh, hang on, Rich.

Richie: What?

Eddie: Although we and indeed the whole BBC respect people's rights to
believe in whatever they wish,

[to camera]

Because we don't want to get into the shit on this one,

We don't actually believe in god, do we?

Richie: [Thinks] No!

Both: SHIT!!!!!

[The giant hand disappears and Richie and Eddie fall screaming
to their deaths. Freeze frame, the end.]


Written by and starring